Modular Walls

Di-bond Aluminum and Stainless steel modular self-supporting non-progressive barrier wall systems are available in a range of heights.Di-bond Aluminum Walls

Di-bond Aluminum Panels are constructed using our ½” honeycomb core with white steel panels with edge fold to attach to adjacent wall panel mounted extruded aluminum frames supported on an optional adjustable pedestal track for floor to wall interface. All wall panels are sealed at the panel – to – panel vertical seam and ceiling interface via cove extrusion with our quick connection compression latching system or application appropriate sealant. The Aluminum Modular Wall Systems are used in many applications including Materials Science, Engineering, Nanotechnology and Life Sciences.

Stainless Modular WallsThe Stainless Steel Systems are designed for hot and wet environment applications where conventional aluminum or steel clad wall systems are not suited. Panels are constructed from 16- gauge, type 304 stainless steel with brushed number 4 finish in a vertically oriented grain to provide a consistent architectural finished appearance. Walls are compliant with a majority of sterile solutions used in the decontamination process, and meets Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) for ISO Cleanroom standards. Optional items include: single-face or double-faced insulated construction, integral doors, windows, service chases, and product pass through chambers. Stainless steel modular barrier walls are ideal for the construction of research laboratories, food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical processing or medical facilities.