Micro-05Submicron particulate contamination monitoring

The HIAC submicron liquid particle sensors measure submicron particles as small as 0.1 microns. There are six distinct models in the Submicron Sensor family, each having a different particle size sensitivity and chemical resistance capability. The MicroCount-100 and -200 models have particle size sensitivity of 0.1 and 0.2 micron, respectively, and are approved for use within Division 1, Class 2 environments. The sensors are available in either a quartz or sapphire sensing cell, depending on the specific chemical being measured.

The MicroCount-05 sensor has a sensitivity of 0.5 micron at 60 ml/min and a range up to 350 microns. This large dynamic range makes it an ideal sensor for applications, such as precision cleaning and polishing.

Designed around an ultra-small footprint, the MicroCount sensors can be placed in tight locations very close to the point-of-use. The sensor is remotely connected to the particle counting electronics so it can be powered by only low voltage DC power, hence it can be located in damp or combustible environments.

Each HIAC sensor is provided with a calibration curve from which the operator may conveniently determine threshold settings for particle sizes of interest. These calibrations are performed in accordance with ASTM Standard F658-87 using an aqueous suspension of monosized latex spheres which have been previously characterized by methods traceable to NIST. Count standards are certified by scanning electron microscopy and are used to verify count efficiency.


• Long life laser diode light source
• Small, lightweight design
• High flow rates, up to 100 ml/min
• Fluid temperature up to 150°C
• Size accuracy traceable to NIST Standard Reference Materials
• Vibration insensitive
• Online and batch operation
• Chemically resistant


• Precision Cleaning Bath Monitoring and Sampling
• Filter Testing
• Online Process Monitoring
• Liquid In Situ Process Monitoring
• Chemical Distribution Monitoring
• DI Water Monitoring