HHPC2+The MET ONE HHPC 2+ is a two channel, 0.5um handheld particle counter designed as an affordable tool for the routine monitoring of controlled environments to ISO 14644 Cleanroom Classifications. Regulated and semi-regulated production environments that adhere to a GMP principle such as aseptically packaged food and beverage filling lines, hospital labs and formulating pharmacies frequently choose the MET ONE HHPC 2+.

Common applications for the MET ONE HHPC+ handheld particle counter include:

High Technology Manufacturing Industries

  • Semiconductor fabs
  • Hard disk storage manufacturing
  • Flat panel display facilities
  • LED
  • Solar
  • Aerospace
  • PCBA
  • Optical assembly
  • Print heads manufacturing
  • High precision manufacturing, MEMS, MOEMS

High Technology Manufacturing Applications

  • Routine clean room monitoring for high tech manufacturing
  • Troubleshooting particle contamination related problems within high cleanliness manufacturing environments
  • Spot check in critical locations
  • Identify gross lead in filters
  • Pin point particle generation within process equipment or mini-environments

GMP Regulated Manufacturing Industries

  • Aseptically packaging food and beverage products
  • TetraPak filling lines
  • Hospitals
  • Formulating pharmacies
  • Medical devices

GMP Related Applications

  • Routine monitoring of controlled environments and clean rooms as part of a good manufacturing practice regime
  • Ideal for ISO Class 5-7 (FED STD Class 100 – Class 10,000) controlled environments
  • Aseptically packaging food, dairy and beverage products