Laminar Flow Hood – Horizontal Flow

Laminar Flow HoodSo quiet you may not even know it’s on.  Our “VL” Laminar Flow Bench introduces a new genre of HEPA filter work benches with our sophisticated design we deliver one of the quietest hoods on the market.  The horizontal flow provides HEPA filtered air over the entire work surface to protect your work from harmful contaminants.  Our roster of “VL” Laminar Flow Clean Benches features the highest quality material, workmanship and exclusive design innovations found on the market today


  • Product Protection
    Minimum ISO 5 (Class 100) conditions in the work zone.
  • Corrosion Resistant
    Constructed from corrosion resistant white polypropylene, these hoods are ideal for processes involving corrosive chemicals and are resilient to frequent sanitizing.


  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter rated 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns
  • Minihelic gauge to monitor loading on HEPA filter
  • Fluorescent task lighting
  • Disposable quick change pre-filters, rated MERV 7
  • Variable speed control
  • Side windows for additional viewing angles
  • Separate On/Off switches for lights and fans


  • Base frame, sitting or standing height
  • Base frame, electric hydraulic adjustable height
  • Stainless steel IV Bar
  • UV light fixture
  • Stainless steel lining on interior
  • Duplex electrical outlets
  • Service valves


  • Nominal 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, and 8’