HIAC 8011+


Liquid Particle Counter | Benefits of Selecting the HIACâ„¢ 8011+

Intelligent on-screen prompts guide users through common sampling activity

Advanced instrument diagnostics with recommended actions for users | User alerts for particle settling and run-to-run variances | HRLD Smart Sensor alerts for service and calibration

Sample management system ensures consistent, accurate data

Pressurized sample delivery reduces the impact of bubbles | Integrated Vacuum/Degas function streamlines sample handling for increased accuracy | Automated sample flow for precision data

Fewer steps…increase throughput

One button sampling – results under 60 seconds | Quickly load up to 20 custom test recipes | Setup your won sampling recipe in less than 5 steps

Stop wasting time diluting samples and cleaning the instrument

No dilution required for high viscosity fluids (<425cSt) | Automated cleaning and flushing routines | Sensor contamination alarm informs you in advance to ensure you clean prior to wasting sample and getting bad data

Eliminate printing and go paperless. Get the data immediately in a PDF or Excel file

Create application specific reports in PDF or Excel format | Embedded web browser for online report review and approval | Export reports via USB memory stick or Ethernet