HEPAire – Fume Hoods

H-Fume-HoodsOur innovative Fume Hood group can offer variations of general purpose fume hoods with enhanced performance and energy efficient face velocities. We have the widest selection of general and special purpose fume hoods available in the marketplace and can meet virtually any application requirement for fume hoods. Our technical support group will help you choose the model best suited from our comprehensive product designs for your specific application. We offer:

  • Full view fume hoods.
  • Radioisotope & Perchloric Acid fume hoods.
  • Bypass fume hoods.
  • Constant Volume fume hoods.
  • Auxiliary air fume hoods.
  • Low flow energy efficient fume hoods.
  • Walk-in fume hoods.
  • Ductless carbon fume hoods.
  • Custom fume hood designs.

Planning a laboratory or renovating an existing lab can be very challenging in today’s environment. Our experienced professionals combined resources can offer you a range of in-depth product knowledge, planning assistance and project management from the conceptual phase to final installation.