Fume Hood – Balanced Air

Fume-HoodOur polypropylene line of Fume Hoods offers the highest level of operator protection from harmful fumes and chemicals used in many laboratories today. Our quality materials, components and craftsmanship can be found in every Fume Hood we manufacture .


  • Corrosion Resistant
    Constructed from corrosion resistant white polypropylene, these hoods are ideal for processes involving corrosive chemicals and resilient to frequent sanitizing.
  • Operator Protection
    The air flow is directed away from the operator, into the hood, and exhaust by the building system.
  • ‘Metal Free’ Construction
    Our Fume Hoods feature metal free construction, where the body and hardware are made of plastics, and any metal mechanisms are encased in plastic.


  • Fully counterbalanced sliding face shield
  • Sealed fluorescent light fixture, with on/off switch
  • GFI duplex electrical on mullion
  • Low flow audio/visual alarm package
  • Rear baffle with upper and lower adjustable sliders
  • Vented storage are in base section with sliding doors
  • 10” dia. exhaust collar connection


  • Polypropylene sink
  • Cup sink
  • Goose neck faucets with remote handles
  • DI and N2 spray guns with remote shut offs
  • Service valve with remote handles
  • Additional GFI electrical outlets


  • Nominal 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’