Cleanroom – Hardwall

CR-HardwallThe RLH Hardwall features the design, performance and reliability you would expect from a high end cleanroom with the pricing of an economical unit. Our unique assembly process allows you, the end user to install your own cleanroom quickly and efficiently, potentially saving thousands in installation costs. Our RLH cleanrooms have features not normally associated with economically priced rooms including: manual sliding entrance doors, control/gauge packages and design flexibility.


  • Easy installation
    The RLH Hardwall comes pre-tagged to allow for quick and easy installations in a matter of hours
  • Durable structure
    The RLH Hardwall features a rigid light weight anodized aluminum frame system
  • Design Flexibility
    RLH cleanrooms are built to suit your specific size and classification requirements. Choose the options you want
  • Reduced energy costs
    Our energy efficient HEPA units and light fixtures help reduce energy costs associated with other cleanrooms
  • Growth
    As your growth in the future increases so does RLH. Our design allows you to easily expand and upgrade


  • Durable light weight anodized aluminum frame system
  • ISO CLASS 4 to CLASS 8
  • Adjustable air grilles for easy balancing of cleanroom
  • Manual sliding entrance doors
  • Clear upper panels allows for an abundance of natural light
  • Free-standing design
  • Stainless steel control panel


  • “EC” motorized fan filter units for the ultimate energy savings
  • Custom sizes and configurations
  • Room side replaceable filters
  • Insulation package to further reduce noise levels
  • GFI Duplex outlets in