SMA OneTouch Control Panels

SMA OneTouchTM Control Panels are used in conjunction with a SMA Digital Display Control Center and SMA Atriums.  SMA OneTouch Control Panels allow you to start, stop, and monitor the sample cycle from within a controlled environment while locating the SMA Digital Display Control Center and vacuum pump in a non-controlled environment.   Product Uses Program […]


SMA® Digital Display Control Centers (DDC) are used to control calibrated and timed vacuum sequences to individual or multiple SMA Atriums.  In addition, the DDC provides strict regulation of air flow (1 CFM) and will visually and audibly alarm the operator if the proper air flow is not maintained. SMA DDCs can be used in conjunction with […]

SMA Microportable Air Samplers

SMA MicroPortableTM Air Samplers are battery powered, compact, and lightweight which allows them to be easily moved to desired air sampling points. They combine the extended sampling capability of the SMA Atrium with calibrated air flow and a digital readout that is factory programmed in CFM or LPM.   Product Uses Program, save, recall, and view […]

Emtek V100

The Versatile 100 (V100), a new addition to the EMTEK line in 2010, offers a high level of versatility in microbial air sampling capabilities. Operates R2S, RAS, and RCG Samplers Operates 1 to 4 R2S, RAS or RCG Confined Air Samplers Color LCD with Touch Screen Interface IR Remote Control (Start/Stop/Rest, Pause/Resume) On Screen Test […]

Emtek R2S

The R2S Microbial Air Sampler incorporates industry standard Slit-to-Agar methodology with comparable microbial recovery/sensitivity, offering a highly accurate analysis of air quality.  The R2S is designed for monitoring clean rooms, LAF Hoods and Isolators, but can be employed for monitoring in virtually any critical environment.  It is designed to allow for sanitization of all surfaces […]

Emtek RAS

The Remote-Autoclavable Sampler is a Sieve Impactor Sampler with microbial recovery comparable to a Slit-to-Agar Air Samplers. The RAS offers substantial benefits over current sieve type air samplers.  Due to its design, with adjustable media stage, and flow rate specific inlet lids, it offers more optimal recovery capabilities.  The inlet covers come in 3 different […]