Fume Hoods

Balanced Air Type DFMZ Balanced Air Fume Hoods ensures that there is a constant volume of air exhausted from the laboratory regardless of the position of the face shield. When the hoods are in operation there are no fluctuations in the heating or air conditioning loads. Optional accessories include: various base cabinets, assorted work surface materials, […]

Laminar Flow Hood – Vertical Flow

Our Laminar Flow Hoods create the ideal environment for processes needing product protection, where the processes are not harmful to the operator.  The downward vertical air flow blankets the work surface with HEPA filtered clean air, and maintains a positive pressure within the work zone area, keeping your products safe from air born contaminates while […]

Laminar Flow Hood – Horizontal Flow

So quiet you may not even know it’s on.  Our “VL” Laminar Flow Bench introduces a new genre of HEPA filter work benches with our sophisticated design we deliver one of the quietest hoods on the market.  The horizontal flow provides HEPA filtered air over the entire work surface to protect your work from harmful […]