HEPAire – Fume Hoods

Our innovative Fume Hood group can offer variations of general purpose fume hoods with enhanced performance and energy efficient face velocities. We have the widest selection of general and special purpose fume hoods available in the marketplace and can meet virtually any application requirement for fume hoods. Our technical support group will help you choose […]

Modular Walls

Di-bond Aluminum and Stainless steel modular self-supporting non-progressive barrier wall systems are available in a range of heights. Di-bond Aluminum Panels are constructed using our ½” honeycomb core with white steel panels with edge fold to attach to adjacent wall panel mounted extruded aluminum frames supported on an optional adjustable pedestal track for floor to […]

Ceiling Grid Systems

Versatile range of heavy duty anodized aluminum 2” dual level ceiling grid systems in both non-load-bearing and heavy-duty load-bearing capabilities. Our grid system features an exclusive dual notch extrusion for panel placement on two levels with the use of a single grid. The upper level of the grid can be designated as load bearing or […]